Seven second delay

You told me you don’t want my name
And you don’t want my ring
You said you only came back just
To pack up all your things
I should have made a clever joke
I never know what to say
Lord help me, babe, my mind is on a
Seven second delay

You always had a turn of phrase
A zinger quick and cruel
You always knew the perfect words
To play me for the fool
I try to say the right thing, but
I really don’t know the way
I never get the last word ’cause of
Seven second delay

I guess I should be grateful
I don’t say what I think
It keeps me out of trouble
But it drives me to drink

I don’t know where to turn to when
You walk all over me
There’s no one who will listen, there’s
No way to make them see
I get no help from Heaven; when
I get on my knees and pray
The Lord hangs up the phone ’cause I’m on
Seven second delay

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