In Rome, do as the Romans

In the center of the Coliseum
We who are about to die
All salute the ones who’ve come to see them
No one really knows just why

Got a feeling that we don’t belong here
Really don’t know who we are
Got a feeling that there’s something wrong here
Gladiators from the stars

When in Rome
People have expectations
Can’t go round being different
Can’t go round asking questions
When in Rome
People hate indiscretions
Can’t go round acting crazy
Can’t go round with intentions
To do as the Arcturians

On the Forum by the Arch of Titus
Chariots are rolling by
And we’re worried someone’s going to smite us
No one really knows just why

Got a question that we want to ask us
Is this premonition bad
Now we’re looking at the Circus Maximus
Reminds us of a landing pad

When in Rome…

Pledging all our loyalty to Caesar
Duty to dysfunction calls
Isn’t he just some old scheming geezer
Won’t his empire someday fall

Things become more true the more you say them
Here in post-Augustan Rome
From the Milliarium Aureum
Eleven parsecs back to home

When in Rome…

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