Hedgerow hypothesis, open source jam version

an Interröbang Cartel song

Title Paddy Smith / The BBC
Lyrics Talysman
Original version:
Music and recording Casey B
Album Interrobang Cartel Tribute Album
Open Source Jam version (November 2005; remixed December 2008):
(Based on materials contributed to “Fall 2005 Open Source Virtual Jam”.)
Doctroid Arrangement, vocals, PVC clarinet, synth tracks, photo.
Major Zed Additional synths.
Charlie Guitars.
Casey B Tambourine.
Talysman Andean flute, eee.
Jeremy Impson Nose flute.
Album Interrobang Cartel Tribute Album
Hedgerow Hypothesis MP3
Hedgerow Hypothesis WAV (note that this lacks the metadata tags, including art, embedded in the MP3 file)

Casey’s arrangement of “Hedgerow Hypothesis” (lyrics by Talysman) is a fine thing, but [you knew there was a ‘but’ coming, didn’t you?] at the time I first heard it I felt it was not really very King Crimsonesque. Not that it had to be. Nevertheless, it bugged me.

So I resolved to address this matter, but, you know, resolve and action do not always go hand in hand. I was stuck at square one for the longest time. Then Major Zed and Charlie initiated the Open Source Jam and I realized they’d unintentionally handed me the materials I needed to get “Hedgerow” in gear. I added vocals, a bass line, a synth pad chord track, and a mercifully brief solo on homebrewed PVC clarinet. Oh, and I took the photo. The drum loops are from GarageBand. The rest is put together from stuff by Zed, Charlie, Casey, Taly, and JImpson. Whether they recognize it or not.

“Hedgerow Hypothesis”, like the other Tribute Album song titles, was one of twenty “least common web searches” reported by the BBC in 2003. Max Hooper’s “Hedgerow Hypothesis” tells us “the average number of species in a 30m length of reasonably well-managed hedge gives the approximate age of the hedge in centuries”, a fact which may or may not have been known to Taly when he wrote the lyrics.

On recent listening, I’m less than sure I was justified in regarding Casey’s version as any less KC-like than mine. Still, I kind of like my version. Especially the parts I didn’t do.

My first version of this was withdrawn in 2008 in favor of a remix that improves the sound a bit.

Taly’s lyrics:

spiral pathway, ancient hill, elderberry wine,
croquet players standing still, framed by leaves of green,
dwarflords clutching porno mags huddle in the loam,
someone wearing garbage bags just stole my garden gnome.

epochs of your hollow scene stretch into the chill,
whisp’ring winds of hallowe’en shiver down my spine
shrubs that count back through the years lead me to the dawn,
soothe my sorrow, dry my tears — hey, wait, my wallet’s gone.

Daedalus will now design a marvelous machine,
the piper king in full recline seeks passions to fulfill,
pretty damsel, set me free, look deep into my eyes,
I’d like to order — let me see — a hamburger and fries.

hamburger and fries, my love,
a hamburger and fries!

This work (music and recording) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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