My music

I’ve dabbled in composing music off and on since high school, and I’ve recorded some pieces. Not that I’m any good at either, of course, but it amuses me.

Style varies all over the place, from traditional reels and hornpipes to progressive rock to atonality and microtonality.

Here are some of the pieces I’ve written:

Date Title
1973 Quartet for Five
1973 Variations for Christmas
1974 Expression
ca. 1975 Ronde des Princesses (Stravinsky, arr. Doctroid)
1975 Study for Violin and Clarinet
1976 Introduction and Minuet (Minuet Mozart, arr. Doctroid)
1976 Study on a Row by Arnold Schoenberg
ca. 1981 Take Me Apart
1988 January Waltz
ca. 1991 No Rings
1994 The Brown Tassel
1994 The Aardvark Man
1995 Heather’s Bells
1995 Fred Henson’s Reel
2004 I’m Not a Tuba Player, but I Play One On TV
2005 Hedgerow Hypothesis, Open Source Jam version
2008 Chaconne (Holst, arr. Doctroid)
2008 I’ll Love My Love (Holst, arr. Doctroid)
2008 All Roads Lead Away From Rome
2008 Walking With Woodlice
2010 Two Part Invention in C Major
2010 Two Part Insurrection in F Major

Here is some music by others I’ve recorded or assisted in the recording of:

Date Title
ca. 1993 Black Joke/Furze Field
ca. 1993 Lass of Richmond Hill
2004 She’s a Geek Freak (supporting vocals)
2004 The Sun! She Explode! (minor vocal part)
2004 Kiss Me Cruel Fortran