Morris map

This is a map of morris dancing locations.

Most of these locations are taken from Keith Chandler’s “Morris Dancing in the South Midlands: a Chronological Gazetteer” (Second, revised edition, 2001). These are all locations in the South Midlands for which evidence exists of morris dancing during the period 1660 to 1900. Of these, locations marked with blue markers are ones for which one or more dances are notated in Bacon’s “A Handbook of Morris Dances” (1974). Others are marked with red markers, and additional locations where morris activity was possible but not (to Chandler) convincing are marked in magenta.

Additional locations from Bacon, generally outside the South Midlands, are marked in light blue.

One further South Midlands location, marked in green, is Bessels Leigh, listed as having had a morris side in “Six Fools and a Dancer” by Anthony G. Barrand, but not included in Chandler’s list as either confirmed or possible.

Two observations to note:

  1. You can see that the term “Cotswold morris” is something of a misnomer, since most of Chandler’s locations are east of the Cotswold hills.
  2. Lichfield, often included as a “Cotswold” morris site, is well outside the South Midlands area. The authenticity of the Lichfield dances has been questioned (and defended). Winster, source of the processional often used by Cotswold morris teams, likewise is far from the “Cotswold morris” region.